• Paul Meissner

100. 100 Episodes in two years

Best on Ground


Ignore the tech, focus on your business model first.

Best use of management and cost accounting - Hollywood style.


The profitability of Deliveroo. More great work by Jason Andrew:

Paul’s old mate Gary V - “I’m scared for all the companies these days that are raising money … Many startups today aren’t actual businesses, they are “financial arbitrage machines” built with the goal of raising the next round of financing.

And what will happen when all that money dries up (like it eventually will)?

We need to collectively begin celebrating that are actually making money over companies that are just "fundraising ' - really hope we start having this conversation more in the tech community.”

We need more honesty in startups.

Worst on Ground

A marketing company preaching the need to be personal but not walking the talk:

Advice from a ‘’leader’’ in the industry is to drop prices to compete. Bad advice:

David Ixnay on the Swear Words - Mark Bouris’ millennial appeasing makeover doesn’t need profanity.


Celebrating 100 shows David and Paul discuss why they do this, Where to from here and what you can do to better our industry.

They also go off on 100 tangents.

100th show in 2 years

Why we still do what we do?

Paul - Support the industry, add a realistic/practical voice for the industry in a sea of marketing

Our challenges over the 2 years.

Time - PM 2 days per week, plus travel to conferences, plus arranging interviews

Sponsors (Acast)


Where to now


Connect more with listeners. Want to include the voice of the people

Want to hear more about the UK and the US


We so proud of what people have done based on the show

Now it’s time to stop talking and start leading

We want you to act on what we say

We want you to lead

What’s changed in two years? 2 years ago was awareness. I think that at least IPA and CA have listened and i think we need to start engaging and working with the industry.