• Paul Meissner

102. Being Present: The victim of the work from anywhere culture

Best on Ground

Patti & Scott Scharf - Great catch up. Amazing how small the world of accounting is and how the conversations about advisory, technology, pricing, etc. are far different to a lot of the general discussions out there, especially by salespeople.

Compliance is far from dead in the USA: Sales Tax

Reading is good for your brain; listening about reading isn’t as much.

Sustainable Growth Vs Scaling = Great to see a big tech company having a real conversation.

RBXchange - the explosive bookkeeper v accountant conversation that ended in a very productive chat with ATT Director Cassandra Scott.

Worst on Ground

Fathom's response to Goal Seek Analysis.

Accountants Daily article on the IGT report:

More awareness of flexible work conditions poorly done.

In-depth: Being Present - The victim of the work from anywhere culture

Work-life balance used to be about the amount of time you spent at work. But with more and more people not having an ‘’at work’’ mode or place, work is kind of everywhere all the time, putting pressure on being present.

Now Australia overall doesn't have it that bad, according to the OECD better life index, we rank 30/38 countries for working "very long hours" (50 or more) with just 13.8% of us doing so, and the trend is down .2% since 2005.

What impact does this have on you, your family, staff and clients?  In an earlier FTT episode we were joined by both Paul and David's FCA fathers - how does this new generation deal with being 'always on'?