• Paul Meissner

110. Fraud and the role of the Accountant

Best on Ground

11% of AU houses are un-occupied.

My Swedish Robot story - This is the future of AI and it’s what most providers miss.

We promote the wrong people.

Trent Innes is not moving to MYOB.

Worst on Ground

CBA / For Accountants email lists “insert Name”. Worse than CC not Bcc.

More fear about the rich paying no tax. A data journo mis-interpreting the data.

The silent disruption of the accounting industry.

Automation cuts into profit at firms.

It started with Paul's website being copied, now accounting firm website plagiarism is rampant.

Big 4 are Big cheats - KPMG cops a $50m fine for cheating on their oversight boards.

If a hedge fund doesn't understand how to manage risk, what hope do we have?


In this week's In Depth, Paul shares a client story that explores the role of the accountant in detecting and preventing fraud.