• Paul Meissner

112. Airport Books, the State of Origin for Nerds & Motivational Jargon

Best on Ground

ABS Getting in to the social media swing with social engagement on the Rugby State of Origin.

Lot’s of taxpayers lodging early. Anyone advising to hold off on claiming a refund should be an advisor. Never delay a refund, cash is king. ATO are very clear that future tax legislation will amend the return.

Tech is lying to you if it says it creates insights. Tech doesn't, you do.

Can accounting solve issues in indigenous communities?

Can you save money buying a jet instead of flying Qantas? For the staff perk, who cares!

Paul’s BGL webinar on the Modern Compliance Advisory Firm. Massive turnout. Over 500 registrations. Compliance is certainly not dead.

Worst on Ground

ATO Changing definition of Taxi: @Uber says it's disappointed with the outcome, but is working with @ato_gov_au to address the "inconsistency" in the law whereby Uber is the same as a taxi when it comes to having to pay GST, but not when it comes to getting FBT exemption.

Hilarious satire on business books.

Records fall as this tweet packs more jargon from a motivational speaker than the average sales email to an accountant.