• Paul Meissner

113. The Death of Slack and Data Breaches

Best on Ground

Judo: First 7 graduates through FINSIA (Financial Services Institute of Australasia). One of our commitments at Judo is around professionalism within the financial services industry and within our community. 🙌 Congrats 🎉👍

The TPB’s 72-hour complaint resolution program has now been cancelled after it was revealed that the professional associations were not consulted on the matter.

Paul says there is no new tech, here is how tech is speeding up the actuarial certificate process for super funds.

Microsoft will kill Slack.

Raises a great point about big players adding features that supersede smaller systems, especially when the customer already uses that bigger system (more sticky):

Worst on Ground

Fake ATO email: I received a fake email yesterday from “Australian Taxation Office”. Has anyone else received this email? This is obviously a scam as it has been sent from “ato.com.au”, not “ato.gov.au”. If you receive this email, do NOT open the attachment. Hopefully, the Australian Taxation Office will look into this and put out an alert to warn the public. If you are not sure whether an ATO email is genuine, do not reply to the email or open the attachment. Call the ATO on 1800 008 540 or visit ato.gov.au/scams. #ato #tax #taxscams #taxreturns #australia:

MYOB Payment summaries email error is big to us, but small in the scheme of data breaches.

Here are some details on Aussie breaches this year.

This is what marketing at the bottom end of the ITR market looks like and here’s the type of leads you can get.