• Paul Meissner

114. Stats Apps, SME Spin and Banking Pain

Best on Ground

This Excel feature is amazing. Take a photo and upload it straight top Excel.

ABS has an app. For those stats nerds out there, this is awesome. Has key economic indicators and also 2016 Census info on postcodes, etc. You can also customise your own Key Indicators.

A LinkedIn profile description that makes the complex simple.

After years of banks spinning their performance to us ANZ’s brilliant new advert shows the spin small business owners use to appear successful.

Worst on Ground

BREAKING | National Australia Bank was today forced to admit an embarrassing breach of 13,000 customers’ personal data, including contact details and driver’s licence numbers .

ACCC’s 23 recommendations to take on the large digital businesses. Could get ugly. Interesting take on journalism suffering.

David had to open a bank account and it took 45 minutes. Should it? Hear the story in this weeks episode.