• Paul Meissner

116. Nature vs Nurture, Wimpy Accountants & New Tech

Best on Ground

Nature vs nurture. The goal of parenting is often a nurturing, equality method, but in a family business context or performance based rewards, there is often a clash. Jon Kenfield has some great content.

Why do accountants rely on their feelings when giving advice? Because they’re wimps.

Hot desking, love it or hate it. We discuss if the people who dislike it are just disappointed they cannot hide in an office playing solitaire?

BGL are demo-ing new tech at RegTech and the crowd are loving it. No wonder they're AFR’s 5th most innovative company

Large cultural shift is happening at ANZ bank where staff bonuses are being removed. Bonuses often drive selfish behaviour were highlighted in the Hayne review. This is the first sign of fundamental changes.

We way thank you and farewell to MYOB CEO Tim Reed.

Worst on Ground

Hotshot entrepreneur racks up over $3.6m in debts. With social media, how people promote themselves can belie their true performance.

The Westpac account opening saga continues with excellent customer service.

Uber posts a $7.7b loss as revenue growth stalls. If not for UberEats, growth would be negative.

Is it a scam? The it’s hard for the ATO to communicate whilst telling us not to trust every bit of correspondence saying it’s from the ATO.