• Paul Meissner

119. Tax Jobs Make You Rich, Real Satire, Nagging Clients & Accountants Exemption


Paul Meissner

Nagging clients have a point, why not listen to them?

Cheaper debt for being sustainable. David sees straight through this.

David Boyar

Tax Managers are the most in-demand and highest paid jobs in the USA.

How does a global tech giant collect cash money?

How to show the value of a tax break.

Gig workers are becoming more like employees in this state.


Paul Meissner

Advisors as salespeople..not a good idea.

The accountant's exemption is on its way back. Kind of.

Agile has its place in small firms.

David Boyar

How does EY not pay super on time?

Sales automation looks good but, does it create leads?

Congratulations to our friends at Practice Ignition on raising $26m. A bigger celebration when we celebrate profitability though.