• Paul Meissner

120. Advisor Crisis, Dr Cr WeWork and A New #1 Advisory Tool


Paul Meissner

Apple’s core values are a very interesting read. Do you have core values?

Accountkit - amazing software. Actually made me go “Wow”. Haven’t had that reaction for a long time.

David Boyar

Hands down the simplest explanation of a balance sheet I have ever heard

Income statement.

Balance Sheet

How do blind people see numbers?


Paul Meissner

CA and CPA article re crisis of costs for financial advisors. Didn’t listen and pushed all members to get registered.

CBA survey with 37 responses should never have been published due to the laughable sample size. Like marketing sending out the report with their pre-determined slant, before the actual results are in.

Part 2 was a salesperson from a reporting software using it as confirmation bias. Desperate in my book.

David Boyar

What is the #1 reporting app in the Xero ecosystem?

WeWork backs out of IPO and slashed valuation.