• Paul Meissner

123. Hi << Test First Name >>, Leadership and ASIC Fact-Checking


David Boyar

Lawyers don’t have the same relationship with clients Accountants do but this new subscription model could change that.

CA Catalyst SOLD OUT Data Analytics Workshop proved to me that just because an app has a lot of Xero connections, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Leadership is taken seriously by Hood Sweeney.

Paul Meissner

Do Floppy disks still rule?

ATO winning the 2019 AMY Awards for their Online Services for agents Campaign.


David Boyar

The 30 under 30 recognises young talent, but do they need more entitlement? How can we manage their expectations?

Wayne Schmidt’s email stuff up: “Hi << Test First Name >>”

Paul Meissner

ASIC Factsheet re SMSF’s is something a lobbyist would write. Overblown cost to run and return % numbers. Bordering on advice. Great BGL response.

Rockpool Underpayment of workers.