• Paul Meissner

90. Get a Mentor

Best on Ground


A Vegan ETF proves capitalism and Vegan anti- Capitalists can co exist.

McKinsey SLAMS Crypto - it’s so damning it makes the new game of thrones trailer look boring.

Receipt Bank has the most gamified partner program going around.


Nationalising Super could be a big big move. Could significantly reduce red tape and super compliance:

Robot trouble in Robot hotel.

Chris Hooper on firm brands.

Worst on Ground


Karbon is now marketing to all businesses, is this bad for accountants?

Is this the first of many app startup failures?


Should a start up firm ever consider paying someone for marketing? I say no.

Are Xero removing email support? Let us know if you like the new changes.

In Depth

Why get a mentor

David has 3 mentors and rotates 2 of them according to where he is and where he wants to go - all three have different relationships.

Spiritual Mentor - This helps with wellness and mindfulness

Sales -Theres a big difference between talking and selling

Marketing - David is obsessing over story telling now and Seth Godin is the king, with so much free content on line and a small investment in books he is a virtual mentor

Paul never formalised his mentors but always had people he followed and looked up to.

3 challenges Paul struggles with Mentoring

1. Time - to meet, organise, etc

2. High Cost - because the 1 on 1 model is expensive

3. It was only 1 view, and you never knew the bias’s.

Recently though Paul has gotten together with Wayne and Sally Schmidt and created Freedom Mentoring. They have re imagined the mentoring process with a mix of Q&A, self guided and practical content and a community of views. Check it out.