• Paul Meissner

91. 7 Tech Tips You Didn't Expect

Best on Ground

Are Finance People full of themselves when talking about the value they create in new CFO roles?

New Bank Update: Xinja is crowd funding is new way to engage investors.

Here's a great visual way to see what Zapier can do for your firm.

Worst on Ground

Falling house prices/credit tightening/royal commission is bad for the Australian dream, as per our 2019 predictions, accountants need relationships with new lenders because home loan declines reached a whopping 40%.

Paul Sold out and is now a thought leader.

You are not a nothing burger.

Not more nonsense about the robot uprising.

In depth

Here are 7 tech tips you didn't expect

  • If your firm runs on Microsoft Office, even better 0365 (Microsoft's cloud version) then have a look at Teams for your chat and video call solution. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Slack but is built into your tech stack and you are likely already paying for it.

  • Data Dear - firstly it not only proves excel isn't dead but that its the critical tool for month end and avoids the rubbish in rubbish out problem in off the shelf reporting tools with 2 way push and pull, month end journals

  • Asana Email task creation is ado it yourself way to replicate Karbons great triage feature.

  • Cloud HQ Gmail label sharing for team email searching

  • XPM email my job

  • Gmail subscription email filtering (label and mark as read)

  • Xero URL bookmark lets you bookmark a report and it changes to what ever client you have open at the time.