• Paul Meissner

92. When a Client Sacks You

Best on Ground

Both David and Paul struggled to embrace slack (and didn’t eventually) but loved this use example of a firm that uses slack for customer service.

Great tips on how accountants can improve their presentation skills - from an accountant.

CFA earned great press as the most brutal exam in the world, this creates the allure of their brand for future candidates, why doesn't CA promote how hard it is?

Anthony Pratt’s twitter account is the best billionaire twitter account because he seemingly does it himself.

Check out the UK's funniest Tax excuses.

Alex Malley has lost his Life Membership to CPA

The ATO's engagement with agents on Twitter is hilarious!

Worst on Ground

Xero wants to change the dictionary meaning of ''Accountant''. Is it just a gimmick?

More bad reviews for crypto currency by a hyper trusted group, this time JP Morgan.

Mark Wickersham’s blog post - yet more claims accountants will become extinct.

We still don't quite get startup valuations.


When client's sack you here's what you may want to consider:-

  • Did the clients expectations match the way you run your firm?

  • Engage your staff, it's rarely their fault.

  • Make sure you communicate the way you work with clients.

  • Respond with strength, hit the business development track, find more leads, close the open ones. Get back into it!