• Paul Meissner

93. Handed Down: The Banking Royal Commission

Best on Ground

Forget co-working, take your office to the beach.

Public accounting will make you fat miserable and diabetic, or will it?

If client’s don’t care about the tech you use but rather what you do for them, then spotlight white labelling is a good option.

Will single solution tech ultimate let you down as the big players include their features.

Congratulations to Tanya Titman a true leader of the industry.

Great to see a new support business to promote the great women in accounting. Well done to Lielette Calleja, Kylie Parker and Kelly Chard on launching Accountek Global.

Worst on Ground

The big 4 fail in the SME space, again.

Crypto Lock out.


Check in the show for our discussion about why the Royal Commission couldn’t have been good because the banks share prices went UP! We also discuss how mortgage brokers are responding and why the lawyers always win.