• Paul Meissner

95. Special: News Week

Best on Ground


[02:00] We say farewell to Nicolette Maury who has stepped down from Country Manager at Intuit. CHECK OUT OUR INTERVIEW WITH NICOLETTE IN OUR INTUIT FROM THE GENERALS EPISODE

[04:15] Practice Management software is the biggest let down in the cloud space - almost 5 years on and we’re not getting this wishlist prepared by Lisa Callaghan.


[07:30] Congratulations to Deb Anderson on becoming a director of the Tax Practitioners Board

[08:30] We all got excited when the story of Michael Cranston’s involvement in his son’s scam hit the press and now, he has been acquitted.

[11:55] We all have cognitive bias.

[13:00] Xero Americas have respond to the Intuit bookkeeping service:

[15:20] Check out this great business resource https://www.business.gov.au

Worst on Ground


[19:00] We discovered that app providers at the Xero roadshow were sharing email addresses. If you do this, please stop. As participants we don’t consent to it and it may be illegal.

[30:08] Futrli continues to push their own agenda in content marketing. This line in particular is not helpful because it isn’t true ““#Accountancy is a profession continually divided on the best way to serve clients. “

[36:05] ASIC have a new logo design, it cost $40k, and it is exactly the same

[38:00] MYOB advisor:

[42:30] Emoji number plates in Queensland, what’s wrong with letters and numbers?


[22:28] Franchising in the bad books again, The Yoghurtland story, a franchise system developed by an accountant who sold stores to his clients is a case study in bad old school franchising. David recommends what should have happened (besides the obvious massive conflict of interest)

[43:40] ABC seems to have no idea what an accountant does in this deeply confusing article