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97. ATO Scandal: Part 3

Best on Ground

Head down to Accounting Business Expo to see David MCing the Business and Finance Theatre - Wednesday March 20 2019, ICC, Sydney - And if you are an FTT listener heading down, check out David's interview with ATO Assistant Commissioner of SMSF’s Dana Fleming and if you let us know beforehand, David will give you a shout out on stage.

Following last week's videos to promote better business, Deloitte are producing a topic featuring their own female leaders to promote women entering the STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering Maths).

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You never have all the right information to tell the full story.

It’s ok to have a ‘’work voice’’ says David as Elizabeth Holmes is busted for changing her voice to a baritone for business purposes.

The Gamification of Tax Compliance.

Worst on Ground

ATO has put its hand up and enforced the super amnesty despite its botched process into legislation.

Despite Paul’s initial claim, it turns out accountants can learn from tech startups.

Korda Mentha Acquire Learning was solvent, despite Acquire paying Korda’s bill late.

The law doesn't care about your buzzwords. Aldi replaced “Employer” with “Leader”.

In-depth: ATO Scandal Part 3

Following the ATO’s scandal last year a parliamentary committee has made 37 recommendations for changes into the ATO handling of disputes.

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The recommendations have some good and some bad, so in true FTT style, David and Paul try to work out which ones will work and which won't.

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You can check the full list of recommendations here: