• Paul Meissner

99. Accounting Business Expo

This week, David is coming straight to you from Accounting Business Expo. He's joined by the biggest and brightest leaders propelling our industry forward for an epic panel discussion.

We are joined by:

Andrew Van De Beek - 2018 Thought Leader of the Year

Lielette Calleja - 2017 Au Firm of the Future Winner and AAT Director

Heather Smith - Literally wrote the book on Xero, Cloud App master mentor and cloud newsletter author

Steph Hinds - One of the first 100% cloud accountants who rivals Paul Meissner for straight talking 

Ron Lesh - The founder of BGL, the tech company who has survived more change than most (and shares amazing insight as an exhibitor at ABE)

And a special cameo appearance by Sam Rotberg - a recent social media superstar (listen to find out more)

NOTE: Paul couldn't get to Accounting Business Expo but don't worry, he comes up often in this episode.