• Wayne Schmidt

From conference swag to impact.

I can remember the first Xerocon in Napier New Zealand back in 2010 when I was Country Manager for Xero Australia.

Now Xerocon Australia is nearly here with some 4,000+ delegates attending.

I currently live in Koh Samui, Thailand, and I’ve been reflecting on this crazy thing called ‘Conference Swag’.

It is crazy.


Well, most of the swag is just plain plastic trinkets that get thrown away a week after the conference and guess what, those trinkets end up on beaches and in oceans around the world.

So I’m putting out a challenge to the 100 exhibitors to try something different. Something that doesn’t mess up our world. Something that leads to us changing our world, for good.

Here’s the idea;

Join B1G1, business for good, and instead of creating more plastic pollution.

Give the delegates who come to your stand the option of making an impact on the world. Your marketing can easily be changed.

For example, every demonstration you give a prospect, you give a child 100 days of pure, life-saving water for only one dollar.

You plant three trees, or you give five kids access to life-changing education.

You can choose from around 600 projects, and our investment can be as low as one cent.

You could even let the delegates choose too!

Let’s look at the maths here — the average conference exhibitor spends over $3,000 in plastic products.

Now imagine if at Xerocon there are 100 exhibitors and 4,000 delegates, that’s potentially 300,000,000 days of water to people desperately in need.

So if you’re a delegate reach out to any of the exhibitors and send them my details.

I will send them a kit on how to join B1G1 and make a lasting impact that doesn’t pollute the world but instead helps those in need.

Now if you’re an exhibitor reach out to me and I’ll help you ail address, attending a webinar or booking in for a 1:1 demonstration. I will also help promote you via all my social platforms. Let's make this a Xerocon go down in history to be the first to have a positive impact on the world. Who will be the exhibitor that makes the most significant impact? I ask one favour. Please share or like this post and spread the word.