• Paul Meissner

Interview: Bernard Salt

After a long career as one of Australia's most respected demographers (indeed most didn't know what a demographer was before him) Bernard made international headlines when he suggested that expensive avo on toast brunch's won't help a millennial buy a house.

One group agreed with him, accountants!

David sat down with Bernard at Xerocon for a witty and entertaining chat about

  • How Xero's Small Business Insights produces a creative and insightful database puts big data for use by small business owners

  • How big data still needs someone to explain what it means and what should be done but won't make everyone unemployable (good news accountants)

  • Why smashed avo should be the new national dish and what to do when satire doesn't work

  • Why passion drives his work

  • Why data is a conversation on art vs science

  • Why politicians with a an unfunded vision should still be rewarded

  • Why we can't build big infrastructure that lasts

  • Why envy of the entrepreneur is not good for society

  • Why Farmers are our best entrepreneurs

  • The interview is fun, witty and showcases the genuine passion of someone who is committed to story telling the real Australia.