• Wayne Schmidt

NowInfinity App Review

NowInfinity walks us through how to rapidly improve your firm’s efficiency and reduce costs.

In the cloud age, there's no shortage of software gimmicks for accountants to plug into, yet firms are still losing thousands of dollars a year in late fees to ASIC because they don't have the right systems in place to pass these costs onto their clients. Other firms are missing out on valuable revenue because they're still paying third parties far too much to set up companies and trusts for their clients.

NowInfinity knows there's a better way for accountants when it comes to an entity set up and management - a better way to ensure they can run their practice as efficiently and profitably as possible.

NowInfinity's Sales Director Ben Gill explains how accountants can avoid costly errors and improve their margins by using NowInfinity's tools such as the unrivalled Documentation Suite, Corporate Messenger, Trust Register and SuperComply.