• Paul Meissner

88. Two things that will matter in 2019

We wouldn't have much integrity if we didn't asses our predictions for the year and whilst we are heavily biased into thinking we got it all 100% correct, we didn't.

So in this weeks in-depth we mark our predictions out of 10 Matt Paff style and make 2 big predictions for next year.

To our listeners, fans, and those who think we’re just a couple of loudmouths, we deeply deeply thank you for all the attention you gave the show this year. We love what we do and we love that so many accountants are getting back that ‘‘water cooler’’ chat through the show.

We also want to say a huge thanks to our mates at BGL Corporate Solution. This company has real soul (and a pretty awesome product you should check out) and we are thrilled they will be extending their support of the show to 2019!

Best on Ground

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Worst on Ground

R&D experts should be allowed to earn their fee as the % of claim

"Compliance is back in the conversation" say Receipt Bank, where did it go? The future? Hello? McFly?

Apparently there are 101 harsh truths accountants need to know about.